Do you see dreams as messages? Quotes about dreams can help you articulate what dreams mean to you. Dream quotes can also help you interpret dreams that might mystify you long after your morning alarm sounds. Give inspiring dream quotes a chance to clarify your dreams, and help you find meaning in them.

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Latest Dream Quotes

The happiest people are fearless dreamers. They use their imaginations to create hope and possibility.

Author Ian K. Smith, M.D.

Sometimes a winner is just a dreamer who won't quit.

from the movie "Rudy"

Dreams come a couple sizes too big so you can grow into them.

Rev. Run, Minister and founding member of hip-hop group Run-DMC

America, for me, is a philosophical and emotional decision…It’s a flag and an idea. It’s a dream.”

Craig Ferguson, Comedian

A heart pulsating with great dreams and passionate desire is the best alarm clock imaginable.

Sheryl Towers, Life coach

I don’t think you should let your age stop anything you want to do. Don’t put an age limit on your dreams.

Dara Torres, Olympic gold medalist and swimmer

I’ve always felt real blessed, especially to live in this country. If you dream hard and work hard, anything can happen here—I’m perfect proof.

Yogi Berra, Hall of Fame catcher

Goals are dreams with deadlines.

Hal Urban, Author

All of our hopes and our dreams for a better tomorrow can be found in the blessings God provides us today.

Charlie DeLeo, Former maintenance mechanic for the Statue of Liberty

You can never outdream God.

Judy Guyton, Russellville, Alabama
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