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Remembering Fallen Heroes on Memorial Day

Visiting The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery brings home the sacrfice our military men and women make for freedom.

National Brother's Day

How one Marine reached out to his siblings during deployment

3 Ways to Cope with Unanswered Prayers

How to hang on and trust God to be true to His promise of provision

Children of Fallen Patriots Day

There are thousands of kids in our country today who have lost a parent to war. Here’s how you can help.

National Military Appreciation Month

5 ways you can help support a military family

Remember Our Military Spouses

They are the foundation that gives our military men and women the freedom to serve.

Remember Our Military on the National Day of Prayer

Some ideas and starting points on how to pray for our military forces and their families

Going Beyond What’s Expected

How to honor those in uniform who have chosen a life of sacrifice

Lace Up Your Spiritual Combat Boots

A military mom finds a connection between her son’s uniform and God’s protection.

The Kind of Courage That Inspires

It’s not so much the big, dramatic moments but the quiet fulfillment of duty, no matter the cost.