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Giving Thanks in the Darkness

Despite a daughter's life-threatening illness, there is still gratitude. There is still light.

A Mom Grows from Her Kids' Struggles

Realizing that parents can't fight their children's battles for them

When God Gives You More Than You Need

What to do when you have a surplus of something

Getting Through a Difficult Situation

My cross was small, I mused. And Christ's was huge.

4 Things Simon Says

Simon of Cyrene's brief encounter with Jesus teaches us about taking up our cross.

When a Marriage Is Tested

When families are stressed, pray for the couple as well as the kids.

The Power of Living Prayer

How intense difficulty helps us understand that life is about prayer.

What Nurtures Your Soul? And What Distracts?

What brings us joy rather than pleasure? What truly nourishes our hearts?

Scheduling Lessons from the Pope

If your prayer life is rich, anything on a day's crowded agenda can be God's work.

Getting Angry at God

How venting can lead to a better place. God can take it.