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An Angelic Cup of Coffee

An angelic barista brings a surprise shot of heart to my morning coffee.

All About Angels blogger Colleen Hughes

Sometimes I stop at the Starbucks on Madison Avenue on my morning walk to work. It’s a bit of a splurge for me, and it makes me a little late for work, but oh, how I love my coffee in the morning! This morning I treated myself.

The Starbucks is smack dab in the middle of midtown Manhattan , so there’s always a line. But that didn’t stop my favorite barista from taking extra care with my venti latte with whole milk. Yum.

I listened to the machine grind the beans for my fresh shots of espresso. I watched the perfectly steamed milk sink into the tall cup of silky smooth coffee as the barista poured. She topped off my drink with the thick foam and smiled big. “Oh, look,” she said, “you got a heart!”

In fact there was a perfect design on the surface of the latte, not easy to do. “Don’t put a top on it,” I said. “I love it!”

I admired her work all the way to my work. “Do all things with love,” the Bible tells us. And today I will follow the barista’s example.

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