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Lost, But Now We’re Found

In honor of Be an Angel Day on August 22 I reached out to help some tourists in the streets of Times Square.

Earth angel helps tourists in Times Square

As an editor at Angels on Earth, Be an Angel Day was an idea I couldn’t pass up. Now I just had to find the right thing to do for someone else. Sounds easy, right? Not if you have a habit of over-thinking. Even with a list of ideas I couldn’t settle on the right one.

I puzzled over it as the subway pulled into my stop, Times Square. On my long walk through the crowded station, head bent, weaving through the crowd, I kept asking myself, Who do I know who could use some kindness? Then it hit me: No place is as crowded with tourists in New York City as Times Square. Maybe there’s someone in need of help right now, I thought—a tourist needing directions. Most people won’t bother someone who seems as if they’re in a hurry. I slowed down just a little and looked around the station, trying to project an air of being open and approachable.

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It took under a second for a little girl and her mother to materialize at my side.

“Excuse me,” the girl asked. “Could you tell us where the exit is? We need to get to 44th Street.”

“That’s just where I’m headed,” I said. Follow me.”

All three of us got the directions we needed. All we had to do was ask.

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Meg Belviso is the staff editor for Angels on Earth.

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