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He Was Already Seeing Heaven

Isn’t God good to let us see him up close in these very intimate ways?

Life after Death blogger Trudy Harris

A lovely nurse, who worked in a hospital setting where she seldom saw anyone die, shared this story of one elderly man who was close to death. Suffering with chest pain, he was brought in by his wife straight from a church service. All the routine tests were done; he was placed on a heart monitor, an IV was started, and he was about to be transferred to the Intensive Care Unit.

In the meantime his daughter arrived and the nurse encouraged his wife and daughter to spend a few minutes talking to him before he was moved. He told them he had been visiting a very beautiful green place and that he would be returning there soon. He let them know that he was ready and that he wanted to go back there. The daughter begged him not to leave, but he knew better; he knew his time was very short. He did not make it to the ICU that night, but died peacefully in their company.

Isn’t God good to let us catch a glimpse of heaven in these very intimate ways? Surely this man was already seeing heaven and, with great kindness, let his family know about it, let them know that he wanted to return there. People always know when they are about to die; no one has to tell them. God speaks to their spirits in so many ways and it is good for those of us around them to listen carefully when they speak.

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