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A Timely Present

Mom’s gift to me was more than just a watch. It was a way to stay close to her…

Don't waste time. Pray instead.

The pendant watch was the most beautiful thing I’d ever owned. Silver, attached to a silver chain, with an intricately designed cover, it was a Sweet 16 gift from my mother. I wore it every day, as a constant reminder of her. The watch fit her to a T–stylish, yet practical.

For eighteen years the watch kept ticking, through marriage to my beloved Larry, children, a magical life. Not once did it need a repair. Then, abruptly, it stopped–on the day my mother died.

I took it to a watchmaker, but he said it couldn’t be repaired. “It’s so old, the replacement parts are no longer made,” he said. Still, I continued to wear it. It was still stylish, even if it was no longer practical. Mostly, though, it made me feel close to my mother. Not just spiritually, but physically. To me, feeling the watch against my breastbone was almost like feeling my mother’s heartbeat.

Sixteen years passed. That watch never left me. Then Larry passed away. After Larry’s funeral, after all our friends and relatives had left, I retreated to my bedroom.

I sat on our bed, drained, numb. The two people I cherished most in the world were gone. Was there nothing for me to hold on to? I broke down and cried. “Oh, Mom,” I sobbed, “I need you. My Larry is gone and I won’t see him for a while.”

Instinctively, I felt for the pendant watch that for decades had hung from my neck. It wasn’t there. Then I remembered: I had taken it off before the funeral. I went to my jewelry box. I fingered the watch, my mother’s long-ago gift of love, and held it in my hand.

I could swear felt Mom’s heartbeat in my palm. And Larry’s, too.

Then my heart skipped a beat. The watch—the watch was ticking.

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Walking in Grace 2023 Devotional

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We wanted to let you know that we have changed the name of Daily Guideposts to Walking in Grace —(Don’t worry — we promise it is the ONLY change we’ve made!)

Walking in Grace 2023 is the perfect way to start or end each day, focusing on God’s love, and connecting you to a community of writers and readers. Each daily devotion will bless you with a short Scripture verse that draws you into His word, a true moving story about the joys and challenges of living a life of faith, hope, and optimism, a short personal prayer that helps you put the day’s message to work in your own life, and a unique “Digging Deeper” Scripture for further reflection.

In just a few minutes a day, Walking in Grace 2023 will help you find the spiritual richness you long for in your life.

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