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God Lets Us Know We Are on the Right Track

“I have a little miracle for you,” said Danielle, smiling from ear to ear. “It’s about this book…”

Guideposts editorial staffer Danielle Lynne

Last month, we welcomed a new editor to Guideposts, Danielle Lyle. She moved into the empty cubicle right next to mine and it’s been a blast working with her already.

I’ve always felt like I was called to Guideposts–probably because I applied for my job on Easter Sunday! So I couldn’t help but wonder about Danielle’s own journey. Had she been called here too?

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Well, the other day, Danielle and I were discussing miracles (yes, that’s all I talk about!) and I got some answers.

“I have a little miracle for you,” she said, smiling from ear to ear. “It’s about this book…”

It had a black, shiny cover with gold writing that looked like stringed light bulbs and a gold feather. A book of inspirational stories on my mom’s bookshelf. It drew my attention from a very young age. I’d read the stories over and over again. But I made sure I never creased the cover. I’d open it up ever so slightly.

I read that book all through my childhood and teenage years. It became a part of me. Until I left for college, and other books got in the way. It wasn’t until I started working for Guideposts that I remembered that special book. I had just attended my first editorial meeting and I needed some inspiration. I wanted to be a positive addition to the team. But after my first pitch, I thought I was off to a rocky start.

So I tried to think of inspiring stories I’d come across. The book I’d loved so much came to mind. I could see the cover as if it was my eye’s wallpaper, but I couldn’t make out the title; it had completely slipped my mind. I called my mom and we bounced around possible titles. “I’ve Been Touched by an Angel?” she suggested. “That’s it!” I Googled it and Della Reese popped up. Great actress; no book.

I texted my sister. “Do you remember that book I was obsessed with as a kid?” I wrote. She responded immediately: “It Must Have Been An Angel!” I went home that night and ordered it for 43 cents. Super excited. When I opened the package, though, I was completely underwhelmed.  The cover had changed. It was plain and ivory. No gold feather.

But the next morning something happened. On the subway to work, I read the first story in the book. I flipped to the index to find out more… and I couldn’t believe it. It was first told by Tay Thomas in the April 1965 issue of Guideposts magazine!

The book I pored over as a kid–the first story was originally published in the magazine I work for today! God has a way of letting us know we are on the right track. His blessings and surprises show he’s there, rockin’ with us. The cover had changed, but this little miracle proved it–I belonged at Guideposts!

Has God ever given you a clue about your destiny? Share your story below or via email!

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