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A Letter to God

Though I’d talked to God many times, writing a letter gave everything fresh perspective.

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I have called you friends…. —John 15:15

Today I came across a letter my daughter Ann wrote at the age six, when she had received a box of stationery for her birthday. “Who can I write to, Mama?”

“Write one of your friends,” I suggested. She sat down and filled nearly a whole page.

“Who did you write?” I asked as she signed her name.

“Jesus,” she said, as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

I felt a tug inside to write him too. At first, it was a little awkward, but soon the words were spilling onto the blue paper. I wrote to him about what lay in the cellar of my spirit, things I was not really aware of until I began to sort through the darkness and put them on paper.

Though I’d talked to God about my life many times, making it tangible in a letter gave everything fresh perspective and clarity. My friendship with him took on a sense of immediacy.

This month, I plan to write to God each day. Won’t you join me? For just as letters draw friends together across the mile, so, too, these will bring God near.


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