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A Prayer for When Life Is Out of Control

She heard God’s response as she looked to the sky.

Rearview shot of a woman looking out at the ocean with sky above

If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.  —Psalm 139:9–10 (NIV) 

I wanted to run away. Life was getting out of control. The burdens were weighing me down. Texts and calls to a son who lived out of state went unanswered. My imagination went to the worst-possible scenarios. Is he in trouble? Sick? Hurt? 

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Another son was upset about a relationship gone bad. And we had our grandson, Logan, to care for. The day-to-day challenges of raising a young child wore on my husband and me. 

I couldn’t share my distress with my husband, though, because he was having his own issues with our situation. There really wasn’t anyone I could talk to, except God. But I wondered if He remembered me, since my prayers seemed to be going unanswered. I couldn’t run away from my problems, so I opted for a walk instead— someplace I hadn’t been before, a place where I wouldn’t see any neighbors who required conversation. 

I took off away from my home and walked past familiar streets, not knowing where I was going. After I’d walked some distance, I turned down a street I hadn’t been on before and headed toward the bay that surrounds the area. Seeing a vacant lot, I crossed it to the shore, where I found remnants of an old pier.

I sat by the water and talked to God. Soon the tears flowed. Is God listening? Does He even know I still exist? The water’s gentle, rhythmic lapping on the small beach calmed me, and peace washed over me. 

I lifted my eyes to the sky and heard the reassuring words of God in Psalm 139:9–10. He did remember me.

Dear Father, thank You for not forgetting me and for caring about my concerns.

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