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God’s Love for When You Feel Lonely

Try this tip the next time you need to feel God’s love.

God's Love for When You Feel Lonely

He with earthly cares entwineth, Hope and comfort from above; Everywhere His glory shineth: God is wisdom, God is love. —John Bowring, hymn

I was shopping for a birthday card for my daughter. As I scanned the rows of cards words leaped out at me: “Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.” “To my beloved wife.” “Happy Anniversary, Husband.” My happy mood was gone and familiar traces of depression settled on me. I was alone with no husband or sweetheart.

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Then I glanced at a row of cards with different captions. “Thinking of you.” “Just to say hello!” “To someone all alone.” No, I wasn’t the only lonely person in the world.

When I went home I started writing letters to people that I thought might be lonely. I told them I was thinking of them, that God loved them and I would be praying for them.

I was no longer alone and, suddenly, I no longer felt depressed. I felt God’s love all around me.

Now, whenever I get lonely I write people to remind them that God loves them — and me, too.

How can I be lonely, Lord, when I can reach out to others and to You.

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