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A Ruby-Red Wonder Under the Sea

A needle-in-a-haystack sighting of the elusive and mysterious ruby sea dragon

The wonders under the sea

I don’t know about you but I’m both fascinated and terrified of the ocean. Fascinated because of the unknown mysteries under the sea. And terrified for the same exact reason!


What’s amazing to me is that scientists are still discovering new creatures in the ocean. Like the ruby sea dragon. It was first identified in 2015 based on specimens from the Western Australian Museum. But it’d never been seen live in its natural habitat before.

Until April of last year. That’s when Dr. Greg Rouse and a team of marine biologists at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography set out to find the ruby sea dragon off the Recherche Archipelago in Western Australia. For days, nothing happened. And then, on the last day of the voyage, something incredible happened.

Photo by Zoe Della Vedova

“It really was a needle in a haystack,” Dr. Rouse told The New York Times, “and we saw not one but two.” (Photo above by Zoe Della Vedova)

The New York Times describes the ruby sea dragon as “a stretched-out sea horse with a hump like a camel and a tail it can curl.” You can check out the ahhhmazing dragon/camel/seahorse creature for yourself in the video below.

What do you think? Is it the most wondrous thing you’ve seen under the sea?

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