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Gifts Given ‘Just Because’

Why a spur-of-the-moment handful of flowers or loving note resonates most deeply

Gifts freely given

There’s something about a gaily-wrapped gift that just makes me smile. But some touch my heart in an extra special way. I call them the “just because” gifts. There’s usually not a monetary aspect attached to them, but they’re priceless to me.

I’ve experienced the sweetness of hearing my doorbell ring and discovering my precious little grandson standing there with a bouquet of flowers he picked from the yard for me…just because he loves me.

I’ve found notes from my husband sitting on the kitchen counter, “I’m praying for you, baby. Love you!” Those random acts of love totally make my day. I know he’s usually rushing to get out the door in the mornings, but he makes the time…just because he loves me.

“Sharing Thoughts and Prayers” Greeting Card

I teach at writing conferences and go to many of them year after year. Sweet friends and conferees have surprised me with beautiful jewelry, candy and mugs, and since they know I love cupcakes, they’ve brought me a box filled with a variety of gourmet cupcakes, cupcake-shaped salt-n-pepper shakers, and even cupcake-shaped bandages. Those gifts make me feel loved. They didn’t have to buy those things for me, but they did it…just because they love me. 

All of those things are so special to me. When I wear my jewelry or drink my morning tea out of the mug, or when I see those little salt-n-pepper shakers sitting on my counter, they make me smile as I remember the precious friend who bought them for me.

But there’s one “just because” gift that blows me away every time I think about it. It boggles my mind that Someone would love us enough to give His life for us … just because He loves us. He didn’t have to, but He did. 

There are no words to thank Him. No actions that can fully express my appreciation for His amazing gift—but I can bring my own “just because” gifts to Him:

I can spend time with God, making Him a priority in my life. Carving out moments to read His Word, to share my heart with Him, to listen for His whispers to my soul. 

I can do things for others in His name.

I can tell other people about Him in case they haven’t met Him.

I can praise God, thanking Him for who He is and for all that He’s done for me.

And I hope that when I bring my simple gifts to Him, that they touch His heart, and that He knows they’re “just because” I love Him so much.

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