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7 Ways to Share Faith on Social Media

Ways to comfort, inspire and pray for others using this cyber connection.

Sharing faith on social media

Technology and social media can be a blessing and a curse. I watched a family recently at a restaurant. They checked in with the hostess and then waited for their table. Mom pulled out her iPad and started reading; dad scrolled through his phone; the children were engrossed in their hand-held games. They were missing the blessing of time together that was right in front of them.

But social media can also provide a ministry opportunity. I’d never thought about that until a couple of years ago. Late one night, I sent a Facebook post to a friend who was serving overseas. I’d had Rodney on my heart several times that day, so I told him I was praying for him.

The next morning, there was a private message from someone who wasn’t one of my Facebook friends. It said, “I read what you sent to Rodney. My brother is dying. Would you pray for him?”


That broke my heart. She was so burdened that she reached out to a stranger. But it was a reminder that folks are reading what we post each day. We can represent Jesus by our actions online.

Here are seven ways I’ve found for sharing faith on social media: 

1)  Ask God to put five people on your heart. Pray for them and then send them a message about your prayers.

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2)  Write about what God’s doing in your life. Share about the ways He’s blessed you.

3)  Post a Bible verse. I do a verse each night on my Michelle Cox Inspirations page on Facebook, and I’m always touched when I get messages from people that the verse that day was exactly what they needed.

4)  Do a Facebook Live video. Share about something God has shown you. A friend posted one of these the other day and 500+ people viewed it.


5)  When others post prayer needs on social media, pray for them.

6)  Do you know of someone who’s discouraged? Think of a hymn or song that’s touched you. Find it on YouTube and send a link to your friend’s timeline with an encouraging note.

7)  When you find inspiring stories on social media (such as the posts on Guideposts Facebook page) share them so you can provide a bright moment in the day for others. 

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get comments about your posts. I often run into people at a restaurant, church or the mall, and they say, “Your posts have been such a blessing to me.” And I had no idea they were reading them.

How can you have a ministry on social media? 

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