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How to Imitate God Today

Start with sweetness, compassion and generosity. The world needs that so much.

How to be more like God today.

My six grandbabies bring me so much joy, and I love watching them at play. Nolan, 22 months, thinks he’s as big as his older sister and cousins. It cracks me up watching those little legs scurrying around as he attempts to keep up with them.

He also tries to imitate what everyone is doing. Earlier this week, we had a family ice-cream party at my son’s house. I played a game of “Simon Says” with the kids, telling them to scoot across the room like caterpillars and then to pat their heads with one hand and to stand on one foot. Little Nolan did his best to do everything.

Over the past few months, I’ve noticed him imitating words as he hears new ones. “Canana” was one as we talked about his aunt and uncle’s trip to Canada. His mom and dad weren’t too thrilled with the new word “booty,” picked up from overhearing it at a public place. Oh my.

Words and games aren’t the only things Nolan imitates. He loves wearing other people’s shoes, tromping around the house in his daddy’s or granddaddy’s tennis shoes or slippers.

It’s a great reminder of the importance of walking each day in a manner where our footsteps will lead our children towards God.

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The other night as I watched my littlest buddy at play, the thought crossed my mind—just as Nolan tries to imitate what he sees and hears, we as Christians should do our best to imitate God. And as grandmamma to these precious little ones, I want to be more like Him so that my sweet babies see Jesus when they look at me.

You see, if we’re more like Him, we’ll be kinder to others in both words and actions. We’ll be more loving—even to those who are unlovable. Yes, the folks that nobody wants to be around.

If we’re more like God, we’ll have compassion. We’ll be there to comfort others or to lend a helping hand—even when it messes up our schedules.

We will provide food or money to someone who’s going through a tough situation with no expectations in return. We’ll be trustworthy, available to others in good times and bad.

If we try to imitate Him, the sweetness of Jesus will spread to everyone we encounter—and our world needs that so much. What can you do to imitate God today?

Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ.( I Corinthians 11:1)

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