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Someone Cares: Rhino Love

Knitting or crocheting a blanket helps protect these animals targeted by poachers.


I love knitting. I subscribe to a few knitting e-newsletters because they offer fun patterns and ideas. One entry in particular caught my eye recently: Crafting for a Cause—Blankets for Baby Rhinos.

Blankets for baby rhinos? I clicked on the full message and saw an adorable photo of a little rhinoceros in a pink blanket. Reading on, I learned that Blankets for Baby Rhinos is a Facebook group started in 2016 by animal activists.

The group now has more than 3,000 members worldwide, knitting and crocheting for a variety of animals orphaned by poaching as well as for families who live in reserves and the caregivers and antipoaching units that protect the animals. Group members can send finished products to coordinators, who then ship the blankets where they’re needed.

I’m working on a vest for my husband now, but as soon as I finish that, I look forward to putting my needles to use for this wonderful cause.

Visit to learn more about the group’s current needs and projects.

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