A Positive Path with Holly Lebowitz Rossi: Cultivate Gratitude

The Guideposts contributor behind our blog A Positive Path shares three simple exercises you can do to grow your gratitude in these troubled times.


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Hello, I’m Holly Rossi, writer of the Guideposts blog, A Positive Path. I’m always looking for new ways to cultivate gratitude, so I have three prompts to share with you to help you freshen your gratitude practice today.

First prompt is, if you’re in need of a self-esteem boost, think of someone in your life, a family member, friend, neighbor, your mail carrier, and ask yourself, what would this person say they are grateful for in me?

You might remember that you made someone laugh recently. Maybe you shared a word of support or encouragement at just the right time, or maybe you shared a recipe that made someone’s family happy. Imagine what you would look like through someone else’s grateful eyes.

Second prompt is to focus on a part of your body you can take a moment to be especially thankful for. This isn’t an exercise in vanity, but it’s an invitation to see yourself with complete love and appreciation, and to zoom in on the things that you’re particularly thankful for in yourself.

If you’re grateful to be staying in touch with family and friends and coworkers, thank your hands for the ability to type. If you’re grateful for a daily walk around the neighborhood, thank your legs for carrying you forward, step by step. Focus on the gifts your particular body is able to give you today.

Now, most of us are spending more time at home than usual, so for the final prompt, look around and find an object in your home that no one else would be likely to notice, but that brings you untold joy. The smaller the better, like that little corner of your desk where you can always find a paperclip.

I’ll bet that while you’re looking, you’ll find a lot of items that are deserving of your gratitude. Here’s mine: In every pencil jar in my house, I have one or two of these very unfancy fountain pens. Ever since I discovered them back in college, the click of the cap, the pretty colors and the glide of the tip across a piece of paper, it just makes me happy and a little more grateful to do whatever I might be doing on a given day.

Speaking of gratitude, thank you for watching. I wish you health, peace and authentic positivity, today and everyday.

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