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Carmindy’s Make-up Tips for Teens

Carmindy dishes out beauty secrets to boost teen confidence from her new book Bloom.  


Hi, Guideposts. It’s Carmindy. And I’m so excited to share with you my new book, Bloom: A Girl’s Guide to Growing Up Gorgeous for teenage girls. 

I started doing What Not to Wear as a makeup artist. And one thing that I noticed with all these grown women is their insecurities all stem from when they were kids. When they were either in grade school, or they were teenagers. And I thought to myself, wow, nobody has the tools. 

They still are grownups thinking about when they were young and bullied. And they still have insecurities based on those old kind of things they heard when they were growing up. And I figured what better than to create a book for teenage girls that they can actually get the tools and address these issues early on so they never have to fear a lifetime of insecurity. 

Makeup should be a fun way to play up your natural assets. So if you have great lips, use a fun, flirty lip gloss to play up that beautiful smile. If eyes are your feature focus, you want to use great eye shadows and maybe some glitter to play with your eyes and make them really stand out. 

Say you have beautiful skin with great freckles. Putting on a little bronzer and a little bit of glow on top of your cheekbones really makes the skin look fantastic, and show off your freckles that you have. 

So use makeup as a way to play up your natural uniqueness. And have fun. And also play with the trend. You’re a teenage girl. This is the time where you can have fun and there’s not crazy rules. 

There’s so many great tips and tricks in the book Bloom to teach you how to do it for different times in your life, too. Prom, graduation, first day of school, your first date. You know, really fun ways to play with makeup. 

So in my makeup bag right now is, of course, my brand, Carmindy and Company, my new brand. And I have my Whisper Pressed powder and my brand new Lippie Love lip crayon in poppy splash, which is this great hot pink color. 

But, honestly, I created Carmindy and Co. as a way that all women, no matter if you’re 14 or if you’re 84, this is makeup that you feel good in. This is light and sheer and fun and wearable. Works on all skin tones. All skin types. 

And it’s really a great way for me to give back to you because I listen to what you guys want. There is a lot of beauty trends I’m loving it at the moment, starting a few myself, which is the glow. The Carmindized highlighter, which I started on What Not to Wear like 10 years ago has really caught on. 

And that’s all about highlighting your face. If you highlight in three key places—on top of the cheek bone, under the brow, and inside corner the eye—using a cream or powder shimmering highlight, this is the best way to just make your face look alive and radiate and really showcase the planes of your gorgeousness. 

The one thing that I wish women would stop doing is over doing their makeup. We should use makeup in a sheer, clear, beautiful light way. It should be almost like it’s radiating from within you, coming out. 

What I wish girls would start doing, I wish girls would start looking at themselves, loving their unique features. Start playing with makeup and a way to celebrate that. And make that statement and make that a part of you, instead of fighting against nature. 

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