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Spending Time With Gracie

The church choir mystery series are now offered in large print for older readers.

About 10 years ago, GUIDEPOSTS embarked on its first attempt at an original fiction continuity, Church Choir Mysteries, a series of books with the same characters who have different adventures.

We felt there was a need in the marketplace for entertaining, inspiring fiction. It was quite a learning experience for us—we made some mistakes and had trouble meeting those deadlines. 

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The best thing about that series is my Aunt Gladys loved them. She told me how she couldn’t wait till the next one so she could spend more time with Gracie Parks—the 60-something sleuth in a small Midwestern town.

We had succeeded—that’s what we wanted—in engaging and entertaining the reader. On a cold day when Aunt Gladys couldn’t get out, I knew she could curl up with a book and spend some time with Gracie.

When we stopped the series after 24 volumes, I dreaded telling my aunt. Fortunately, we had embarked on our second series.

Now we’re reoffering the series in large print. Because there’s nothing I like more than making readers happy, I’m hoping there are more people out there like Aunt Gladys who will love the books. Maybe they need a little larger typeface (or, like me, find larger more comfortable), so they can enjoy the books even more.

I think about the readers opening their books and hope they can’t wait to sit down and spend some time with Gracie. I feel as if I know them.

Elizabeth Kramer Gold
Managing Editor


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