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The Stories Behind the Stitches

Beth Adams shares how the Patchwork Mysteries series revealed the wonders of quilting.

Beth Adams

I went home to California to visit my family some time back, and two days before I arrived, I got an email from my mom. She asked if I would mind sleeping in my brother’s bedroom while I was there.

I reluctantly agreed (my brother’s room has always smelled weird), and my mom confessed that I couldn’t stay in my childhood bedroom because it was filled to the brim with her quilting supplies. She promised to have it cleaned out by Christmas.

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Now, I’m glad my mom has a hobby. She’s very good at quilting, and the quilt she made for me when I got married is one of my most treasured possessions. But I never totally got quilting. I didn’t really understand the point.

Why would you go to a fabric store, buy a perfectly good piece of fabric, cut it up, and then sew it back together again? Why not just make a blanket out of the actual fabric?

But then I started working on a fiction series from Guideposts Books, and I started to get it. The series is called Patchwork Mysteries, and it’s about Sarah Hart, a vintage quilt restorer who stumbles into all kinds of puzzling mysteries.

Not every mystery is about a quilt per se, but quilts play a huge role in the series, and as I started to do research for the books, I discovered shelves and shelves of books about quilting history and construction and design.

I learned about the different kinds of patterns and fabrics and how women throughout the centuries have created them out of leftover scraps, creating beauty out of necessity.

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I learned about the Victorians and the Underground Railroad and World War Two and the Civil Rights Movement, all through the quilts that people have left behind. I discovered that every quilt tells a story—about the time and place it was made, and about the woman or women who crafted it.

After a year of hard work on this series, I am completely drawn into this world. Not the actual sewing part. I’m no good at that. I am still completely in awe of the skill that it takes to piece an intricate quilt together because I know I could never do it myself.

But it also takes artistry to craft a page-turning mystery, and I couldn’t be prouder of the books our authors have created .

This isn’t a series for quilters; it’s a series for anyone who loves good stories, strong characters, and reminders that God is in control of all the mysteries in our lives. I am so excited about the launch of this series, and I hope you fall in love with it just like I have.

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