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“Phoebe in Wonderland”

The film features Elle Fanning and Felicity Huffman in the imaginary world created by Lewis Carroll.

Do you ever find yourself wishing you were in Wonderland? That you were Alice attending the Mad Hatter’s tea party? Or the Red Queen commanding, “Off with their heads!”?

You’ll get a little taste of Lewis Carroll’s imaginary world when you see ThinkFilm’s newest movie, Phoebe in Wonderland, in theaters starting March 6.

It’s the tale of a little girl named Phoebe—played by a phenomenally talented Elle Fanning (little sister of the also phenomenally talented Dakota Fanning). Phoebe is an unusual but creative little girl who lives in two worlds: a real world where she doesn’t quite fit in, and an imaginary “wonderland” she has created around her.

In the real world, she has trouble following the rules and controlling explosive behavior like spitting and hurling insults. She also has obsessive-compulsive tendencies to wash her hands repeatedly and count steps. In “Wonderland,” she feels free to be herself, and her odd behaviors melt away.

However, as Phoebe gets older, Wonderland starts to make less and less sense—much like the Alice in Lewis Carroll’s story ends up confused and bewildered by Wonderland’s strange ways. But poor Phoebe doesn’t get to go back to a real world that makes more sense. As Wonderland fades, she’s left frustrated and scared by behavior she cannot control. Then, in steps Ms. Dodger—the quirky new drama teacher who casts Phoebe as Alice in the school’s production of Alice in Wonderland. She challenges Phoebe to love and accept who she is.

At the same time, Phoebe’s mother Hillary—played by Felicity Huffman—blames herself for her daughter’s difficulties. She wants her children to be creative and different, but at the same time has difficulty dealing with the consequences that result. Her character is complimented nicely by actor Bill Pullman’s portrayal of her loving but distant and helpless husband.

While this movie is about kids, it isn’t for kids. There isn’t anything inappropriate in it; it’s PG-13 rating is listed for strong emotional content.

There are some very inspirational moments in this film. Specifically between mother and daughter and between student and teacher. And the overarching moral message is extremely uplifting: even though you may be different or unusual, you can love yourself just the same.

I suggest going to see Phoebe in Wonderland with a loved one or a good friend. Leave the kids at home. Enjoy!

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