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Why Alison Sweeney Loves Hosting ‘The Biggest Loser’

“The Biggest Loser” host shares the joys of her job. 


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[MUSIC PLAYING] Three things I love most about hosting “The Biggest Loser” would have to be, one, I love being a part of watching people change their lives. I absolutely love it. And I think it’s inspiring to me every single day to get to be there with them, see them go on this journey, the pitfalls, the successes, the failure, the whole part of– the whole thing is inspiring. 

And to see them succeed and to see them get their smile back and get their confidence back, it’s just– I am just so proud and honored to be a part of that journey with each and every one of them. So that’s all wrapped up into one thing. 

I would say another thing I love about hosting “The Biggest Loser” is getting to know Bob and Jillian. I mean, how lucky am I to be friends with them, to get advice from them, to share their information as they learn it? They tell me new stuff that they’ve learned. 

I just had dinner with Bob the other night and he was giving me all sorts of new information for new stuff he learned about nutrition and some ideas and the way he inspires me. So I think Bob and Jillian are just such an amazing asset to me in my life, you know? And it just is so inspiring to know them and to be friends with them. 

The third thing would be I just have a tremendous amount of fun. I love the challenges. I love going out and getting to do fun stuff, you know? We got to travel to Sydney, Australia. We’ve been to Washington, D.C., which is maybe one of the most amazing experiences. 

Getting to see our nation’s capital and meet politicians and be in the White House Garden and all those things that were just so wonderful and such an amazing experience. So opportunities like that, that would just never normally present themselves are– now those doors are opening for me because I’m the host of the show. So that part I just, like, welcome with open arms. I’m very excited. 


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