Bubba Watson on the Bible and the Lessons His Parents Taught Him

The golf superstar and two-time Masters champion discusses the role that the Bible plays in his life and career and shares key lessons his parents taught him.


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Hi, Guideposts. I’m Bubba Watson. I’m a father, I’m a husband, and I’m two-time Masters champ.

We were at a charity event, a putt-putt goofy golf, and a kid asked me my favorite Bible verse. And I said, “The whole Bible.” Because you’ve got to use the whole Bible. You’ve got to believe 100% of the Bible to get through life, because life is very difficult. It’s very challenging. And so the whole Bible to me is the whole key.

How the Bible helps me cope with anxiety? It goes back to, again, reading, understanding, and knowing what’s most important in life. And I lost that many times over my life trying to gain perspective, but trying to see that there’s more important things than my career, there’s more important things than money, there’s more important things than objects, and it’s not about the trophies.

My trophy should be being the husband my wife needs, being the dad that my kids need, and then friends, family, and keep going. But, you know, it’s realizing what’s most important in life. So when I look at the Bible, it’s the whole story of the Bible that helps me deal with many things.

The most important thing my mom taught me was to work hard, dedicate yourself to whatever you’re doing, grind through it. Because I’m a golfer, doesn’t matter what the weather’s like, practice in the rain, practice in cold weather. The same thing the Bible says, work hard at all you’re doing, everything you do, give it your best.

The most important thing I’ve learned from my dad was telling the truth. He said, “All you have in this world is the truth.” In this book that I put out I try to let everybody know all the things that I go through, all the things that I’ve been through. And again, trying to use that to go forward, to move upward, and to learn from that. And so my dad always put that in me, always put that in my head at a young age, is to tell the truth. No matter if it hurts you or hurts somebody else, you have to tell the truth so they know that they can trust you 100%.

Maintaining my spiritual wellbeing is talking to my wife, talking to my Sunday school class, my Bible study class, trying to understand the Bible more, understand where I’m going in life, and understand what’s most important. So it’s a team effort. It’s a lot of people you got to interact with to make sure they hold you accountable. So it’s a long process and I’m learning it every day, but that’s the goal, is to move forward and move upward closer to Jesus.

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