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Visit Ireland’s Ancient East

Of all the Ireland vacations to take, the Ancient East tour shouldn’t be missed. 

Of all the Ireland vacations to take, the Ancient East tour shouldn’t be missed. See beautiful pictures of Ireland and learn amazing Ireland facts.

Senior Digital Editor Brooke Obie visited Ireland courtesy of Failte Ireland. Read about her favorite experiences in the Ancient East here.

lush green trees and fields along the Boyne River in Ireland, outside of Dublin

1 of 23/ The Boyne River

The Battle of Boyne was fought along Ireland’s Boyne River. When King William of Orange won the battle against King James II in a crushing victory on July 1, 1690, he secured protestantism in Ireland for generations to come. 

Newgrange Stone Age monument in the Boyne Valley

2 of 23/ Newgrange Ancient Temple

This Stone Age monument dates back over 5,000 years, making it older than Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid of Giza. Originally thought to be just a tomb, Newgrange is now believed to be an ancient temple, with its entrance designed to line up perfectly with the rising sun during the winter solstice. 

The entrance to Newgrange Tomb in Ireland

3 of 23/ The Entrance to Newgrange Tomb

The meanings of the markings on the stones at the entrance and inside Newgrange are still a mystery, and visitors to the musuem are encouraged to write down their theories of what each symbol might mean. 

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Outside Newgrange tomb in Ireland

4 of 23/ Outside Newgrange

A few feet from Newgrange Tomb is another small neolithic monument. Read more about Brooke’s visit to Newgrange.

St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin

5 of 23/ St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin

St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland because his missionary efforts led to a mass conversion of the Irish to Christianity. St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin is a beautiful homage to the saint and shouldn’t be missed on your visit to the city.

Inside Christ's Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland

6 of 23/ Christ's Cathedral in Dublin

There are many beautiful cathedrals in Dublin and Christ’s Cathedral is one of them.

Trim Castle, County Meath, Ireland

7 of 23/ Trim Castle

On the south bank of River Boyne stands the ruins of Trim Castle, the largest Norman castle in Ireland. The castle took 30 years to build and was finished around 1224. Visitors can explore the many levels of this castle, a place immortalized on film in Mel Gibson’s Braveheart .

Church at County Meath, Ireland, shot from the top of Trim Castle

8 of 23/ Church in County Meath, Ireland

From the top of Trim Castle, there’s a glorious view of this church.

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Hollywood sign in Ireland

9 of 23/ Ireland's Own Hollywood Hills

While County Wicklow, Ireland and Los Angeles, California, have a major thing in common–a giant, white Hollywood sign on top of rolling hills–only one of these signs can boast sheep grazing all around its letters. 

Ireland countryside on the road to Glendalough

10 of 23/ The Road to Glendalough

In order to reach St. Kevin’s Monastery in Glendalough, you’ll have to journey through Ireland’s own Hollywood hills–and the ride is stunning.

Lower lake at Glendalough, Ireland

11 of 23/ Lower Lake at Glendalough

Glendalough means valley of the two lakes. Visitors can see lower lake at the bottom of the Spinc Trail, while at the top of the trail, both upper and lower lakes are in view. 

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stairs at Glendalough

12 of 23/ Stairway to Heaven

There are 600 of these wooden stairs between the bottom of the hill and the magnificent top. While the trek is long, the view is worth it!

Glendalough Trail

13 of 23/ Glendalough SpincTrail

Along the Spinc Trail visitors will see beautiful waterfalls and streams on the way to the top. 

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Glendalough SpincTrail

14 of 23/ View from the Top of Glendalough Spinc Trail

From the top of Glenadalough, you can see the upper and lower lakes in the valley.

Brooke Obie climbs to the top of Glendalough Spinc Trail

15 of 23/ A Worthwhile View of Glendalough

It took senior digital editor Brooke Obie some time to climb the 600 stairs to the top of this peak in Glendalough, but the view was well worth it.

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16 of 23/ Magical Glendalough

Learn the fasicinating history of St. Kevin and Glendalough

Tea time hors d'oeuvres at Newbridge Silverware in Ireland

17 of 23/ Tea Time at Newbridge Silver Restaurant

After more than 80 years of making fine silveware, Newbridge Silverware continues to expand, with its visitors center housing classic silverware products and its catalog of jewelry.  Newbridge also has an award-winning restaurant on site, Silver Restaurant, where visitors can enjoy tea time, hors d’oeuvres, and live piano music. 

Newbridge Silverware's Fashion Exhibit I Dream of Jeanie Bottle from the hit show

18 of 23/ Museum of Style Icons

The upper room in the Newbridge Silverware visitors center also boasts numerous collections of iconic clothing and artifacts from classic films and celebrities in its Museum of Style Icons. Featuring items from Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Michael Jackson and Princess Diana, the MOSI is in the top 5 must-see attractions in Ireland.

Chapel at Brooklodge hotel Macreddin Village

19 of 23/ The Chapel at Brooklodge Hotel

Just outside of Dublin is the most exquisite country estate, the Brooklodge Hotel.The chapel along the stream pictured here is a popular wedding destination.

Stream BrookLodge Hotel Macreddin Village Ireland

20 of 23/ Stream at BrookLodge Hotel

A rushing stream outside of the chapel at BrookLodge Hotel

Suite at Brooklodge Macreddin Village Ireland

21 of 23/ BrookLodge Hotel Suite

While the exterior of the BrookLodge Hotel is reminiscent of an old English village, the interior of the roomy suites are strikingly modern, with flat screen TVs, electronic fireplaces, and stairs to the bedroom and sit-down bath.  After a day of riding horses around the property, playing golf on its beautiful course, browsing through its organic and natural garden and dining on fresh organic, all-natural food in its two restaurants, Strawberry Tree and La Taverna Armento. 

the pool at wells spa brooklodge ireland

22 of 23/ Wells Spa at BrookLodge

The adult-only Wells Spa is named for the ancient wells that supply water to the site. All the water used on site is purified and bottled from these natural springs. From ice showers to heated relaxation lounges, Wells Spa has many facilities and treatments for ultimate relaxation. Try the volcanic ash back treatment for amazingly smooth skin.

brooklodge hotel macreddin village golf course

23 of 23/ BrookLodge Hotel Macreddin Village Golf Course

A spectacular view from the 11th hole at the Macreddin Village Golf Course.

Brooke Obie visited the Republic of Ireland courtesty of Failte Ireland tourism board. These are her favorite experiences from the trip.

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