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10 Ways to Honor Dad on Father’s Day

Fun, tender and sacred memories you can create with your dad this day and every day.

Fun, tender and sacred memories you can create with your dad this day and every day.


Father and son taking a bike ride on Father's Day

1 of 10/ Spend Unhurried Time

Sounds simple, but with our busy lives, it takes intentional planning to find time for unhurried eyeball-to-eyeball moments with our loved ones. If you can’t be there in person with your dad, consider doing a FaceTime or Skype call with him.

Daughter thanking her dad on Father's Day

2 of 10/ Say 'Thank You'

Thank your dad for what he’s meant to you and for the sacrifices he’s made for his family.

Father and son sharing memories on Father's Day

3 of 10/ Savor Family Memories

Reminisce and talk about family memories—the fun times, vacation memories, holiday stories and the sweet moments you’ve shared.

A grown son expresses gratitude to his dad on Father's Day

4 of 10/ Share Your Gratitude

Tell him what he’s done as a dad that impressed or touched you. Was it spending time together at church each week? Was it the nights he played ball in the yard with you after he’d worked a long day? Was it hearing his prayers for you or seeing him reading his Bible each day?

A son admires his dad on Father's Day.

5 of 10/ What Are 5 Ways You Admire Him?

Think of five qualities that you admire in your dad that you’d like to instill in your own life. Share those things with him.

Daughters reading scripture to their dad on Father's Day

6 of 10/ Read Scripture to Him

Find a verse (or passage of Scripture) that you think describes your dad. Read that to him, and explain why you think it fits him.


Pray with your dad on Father's Day

7 of 10/ Pray with Him

Pray with and for your dad. Thank God for him and what he’s meant to you, and pray for God’s blessings on his life in the years ahead.

Work on your dad's bucket list with him on Father's Day.

8 of 10/ Work on That Bucket List

Talk to your dad about his bucket list. What would he like to do if given the chance? Plan to do one (or more) of those things with him over the coming year.

Give your dad a big hug on Father's Day.

9 of 10/ Throw Your Arms Around Him!

Give him a big hug, and tell him how glad you are that he’s your dad. 

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Tell your dad you love him on Father's Day.

10 of 10/ Say 'I Love You' Out Loud

Tell him you love him. Say the words. I wish I could do these with my late dad. I really miss him on these special days. If your dad is still with you, please make the moments count.

If you didn’t enjoy a warm and loving relationship with your father, this is a great opportunity to determine that your own children will have memories of a dad who loved them and was part of their lives.


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