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Father’s Day Gifts

These five Father’s Day gift ideas are sure to bring Dad a smile.

Okay, Dad, I get it… no more golf balls! You have enough ties! You only need one keychain!

Shopping for Dad can be tough. I’ve certainly run into trouble when trying to think of something unique that will show him how much he means to me (except when he offers up suggestions—thanks, Dad).

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But I realized that it’s not always the gift itself that’s most important—it’s the gesture, the thought… and even the cause behind the present. So, I looked into some inspirational and meaningful items that dads would enjoy.

I hope it helps you find the perfect gift to honor and thank him this Father’s Day!

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Steal Away: Devotions for Baseball Fans
What Is It: This read shines light on the real soul of America’s favorite pasttime with testimonies from current and former players and managers.

How to Buy It: Order it online!

Dupree’s Homemade Barbecue Sauce
What Is It: Delicious, original BBQ sauce! Five percent of your purchase goes to any charity of your choice. Dupree’s will not only write a check in your name to the charity but also match your donation.

How to Buy It: Visit their website!

TOMS Shoes
What Is It: He’ll love these comfy loafers and appreciate their cause. For every pair of TOMS shoes you buy, they’ll give a pair to a child in need. Their mission is to give away 300,000 pairs of shoes around the world in 2009.

How to Buy It: Visit!

DoGoodie Brownies
What Is It: Decadent brownies from Greyston Bakery in New York, a place of transformation and community renewal. Profits support the Greyston Foundation’s programs for low-income housing, childcare and technology education.

How to Buy It: Check out their website.

Netflix Subscription
What Is It: He can receive TV episodes, movies, comedy shows, documentaries and more right in his mailbox. What’s so inspiring about this gift? Watch our videos series Reel Inspiration to find out.

How to Buy It: Set up his subscription right online!

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Happy Father’s Day!


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