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Father’s Day

Celebrating Father’s Day through family and faith.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, I’ve been thinking of what to get my husband. 

He is one of those guys who’s difficult to shop for since he already has too many clothes, the proof being his closet just collapsed. He is definitely not Mr. Fix-it, so forget tools. He has no idea how to turn on the grill (nor has he ever asked), and he is always saying that he doesn’t want anything.  

Truth is, though, he’d be very hurt if my daughter and I didn’t make a big fuss over “his” holiday. I’ll likely get him a gift certificate to a good golf pro shop, since golf is his real passion.

But there is another side of Father’s Day as well. It elicits memories of my own father. He’s gone now, and I am very much a grown-up, but I still can remember how I was once “Daddy’s Little Girl.” He called me “Little Toot” after the children’s book of the same name, and I would feel so special when we would dance together as I balanced on the tops of his shoes.

So what is Father’s Day? It’s a day to show our love and appreciation, often with cards and presents, to our men for all that they do for us. But it’s also a day to remember the ways our fathers helped shape us.

Ultimately it’s a day to thank God, the Father, for giving us the gift of Eternal Life, as well as to take a stroll down memory lane to dance another dance balanced on the tops of my father’s shoes.

Linda Raglan Cunningham

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