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Make Time for What Matters

We’re all busy. But, today, do you have time for family and time for God? Yes.

Busy mom

I had a gazillion things to do that day, and I was already stressing about how I was going to meet all my deadlines. I’m blessed to do things that I love, but my life is busy with multiple writing deadlines and working part-time for our family business. So when I added in a ghostwriting book project on a tight turn-around on top of everything else, things got extra hectic.

When my son called to see if I could keep my two-year-old grandson Nolan for a few hours, my first thought was, no way I could do that. My second thought was, no way I could not do that. Family comes first, and I know that moments with my sweet grandbabies will zoom by way too fast.

Nolan’s huge smile and sparkling eyes melted my heart as he walked through the door. We played with cars that had been his daddy’s when he was a little boy. He sacked out on the couch in the den to watch Ninja Warriors for a few minutes, such an adorable sight curled up with a blanket, a small basketball, two golf balls and Grandmama’s heating pad (a grandbaby favorite).

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Wearing Granddaddy’s hat, Nolan stood on a chair and helped me fix lunch, and then we had a picnic on the deck. I could tell he was getting sleepy, so I sat him on my lap on the couch. He snuggled his head on my shoulder. There are no words to describe the sweetness of that moment.

And I almost missed all of that preciousness because I thought that I didn’t have time.

It made me realize something else. Sometimes in the busyness of my days—most of the time writing things for God—it’s easy to get sidetracked and forget to spend time with Him. Those moments of sweetness where He shines a spotlight on a verse as I read His Word. Times where the words of a hymn or a praise and worship song speak to my heart and bring tears to my eyes. Cherished moments where I feel His presence so close that I feel like I could snuggle my head on His shoulder just like little Nolan did on mine.

So this week, I’m grateful for the reminder to take time for what is precious to me. I don’t ever want to miss those priceless moments with my grandbabies. Even more, I don’t ever want to miss a minute when the God of the universe is willing to hang out with me.

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