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The Best Attitude for Tough Times

A military mom is inspired by her son when it comes to weathering harsh circumstances.

Learning about a positive attitude from a military son.

I used to think of stewardship only in regard to money. I grew up understanding that it didn’t matter how much or how little we had in the way finances, we needed to be responsible. 

We didn’t always get to choose when we had a surplus, so it was our handling of money that kept the lean times from leading to catastrophe. 

It wasn’t until our son enlisted in the military that I began to recognize there was another kind of stewardship—stewardship of circumstances. Just like with money, we don’t always get to choose how good things are in the lives we’re living. But it’s our handling of these circumstances that also keep the lean times from leading to catastrophe.

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A big part of that type of stewardship is attitude. We can make the best of tough times, or we can lie down and wallow in muck. It also has to do with sticking to commitments—even when they become hard duties we no longer enjoy.

That was what I saw in our son.

Yes, he chose to enlist in the military. But it wasn’t all he expected. In some ways it was better, in some ways worse. No matter what he faced, he remained true to his commitment—being faithful to carry out the job he’d agreed to do.

Watching him persevere changed me.

He inspired me to keep moving forward in the midst of circumstances when I wanted to quit. When I wanted to turn away from something I’d promised, I remembered his situation and kept going. His faithfulness influenced my life.

He’s not the only one. All the members of our military deserve our thanks and respect for the jobs they do, no matter how difficult things get. So take a moment today, reach out and say thank you. 

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