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Friendly Advice

There’s no greater recipe for happiness than a collection of good friends.

Happiness is having good friends!

Michelle and I had everything in common—from our faith to baking, shopping and raising our boys who were about the same age. I couldn’t imagine what else I’d need in a friend.

Then, one spring, my oldest, Logan, was discouraged with playing soccer and wanted to quit. I asked Michelle for advice. “I’m not sure what to do,” she said. “Ask an older, wiser friend.”

Trouble was I didn’t have any older, wiser friends. Except maybe…Dee from church was in her fifties. We’d chatted a few times. I called her and we met at a coffee shop.

“It’s important to teach our children to persevere,” Dee advised when I posed Logan’s problem. We chatted like girlfriends for over an hour! It felt like I’d known her all my life.

Logan stuck with soccer and I stuck with Dee. I opened up to women of all ages and backgrounds. I invited Tiffany, a younger girl, to lunch. I learned about hospitality watching Jalois, who was in her sixties, prepare meals for her children.

Karen is outgoing and I’m reserved, but she’s shown me how to live in the moment. Soon I was friends with Christy, a single mom I’d met at the library and Megan, my fun-loving neighbor who taught me new games to play with my kids.

Michelle moved away, but I’ll never forget her lesson: There’s an abundance of joy with a timeless collection of friends.

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