Biblical Marriage Advice

A happy marriage based on mutual respect and abiding love is every couple’s dream. Those who stay married because they view their marriage as a sacred union of two souls are an inspiration to others, particularly couples who are experiencing marriage problems.

Erin's daughter, Aurora, at the Shire of Montana; photo courtesy Erin Janoso

It would be a magical anniversary trip in The Shire of Montana—as long as their daughter could follow the rules.

After the death of a spouse, the memories come flooding back. So do the emotions.

In grief and heartbreak, there’s grace where grace is needed.

A note of appreciation for all the prayers and support in the wake of a wife’s death.

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A fascinating body of research shows that couples who are kind to each other keep the relationship going strong.

After two failed marriages, this mother of two decided to have faith that He would bring her the right partner.

Their mysterious dreams proved they were meant to be.

They had been married for 38 years. But only two weeks into lockdown, she wondered if they’d make it to 39.

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Kristy Dewberry reveals how spending so much time at home with her husband because of Covid-19 changed her outlook regarding her marriage.

Strengthen the bond with your spouse by renegotiating your roles, finding new hobbies and more.

Patience, trust and commitment to truth will help keep your love strong, even during tough times.

Whether it was found in a bag of popcorn, a dark back room or in the midst of a lake—these recounts of lost wedding bands are nothing short of miraculous.

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Dementia had stolen Mick’s memories and much of his regular life—but it was no match for his and Linda’s love. See how the couple renewed their vows, a day Linda says Mick still remembers.

In this series of videos, clinical psychologist, author and relationship expert Dr. Paulette Sherman explores the path of romance, from crushes to forging a solid, supportive long-term relationship.

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