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6 Antidotes to the ‘Perfect’ Teen Body

Do you have a daughter or granddaughter obsessed with looking a certain way?

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As women, we all struggle at times with our body image and what we think we’re supposed to look like.

Teen girls looking at a fashion magazine. Photo from 123RF(r)Our society bombards us with images to look perfect through magazines, television and advertisements, and the unrealistic body images that they portray spills over to our teen daughters.

These media outlets are very much aware of the influence that celebrities and models have on teens and use them as their selling points. They don’t tell you the images of these beautiful women have been altered to give them the perfect appearance.

In today’s world, our culture puts so much pressure on teen girls to look beautiful and thin, and it’s causing them to starve. Do you have a daughter or granddaughter who is obsessed with looking a certain way? Is she consumed with her weight?

Here are a 6 ways to help her realize she’s uniquely created, one of a kind, and these may help her avoid unhealthy choices:

  1. Remind her that she is unique, beautiful, gifted, and there is nobody in the world like her.
  2. Avoid buying the magazines and trash the old ones. The majority of perfect bodies in magazines that she looks at have been airbrushed and altered to look flawless. They are not real. If she isn’t reading the magazines, she’s less likely to strive to imitate these images.
  3. Be her role model. Eat healthy and exercise together. Working out with your daughter is a great way to bond with her and will teach her how to develop a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Help her to identify between an unrealistic body image that is fed by the media and the image of a normal, healthy body.
  5. Help her to focus on her beautiful qualities and stop comparing herself to others. Take time to compliment your daughter or granddaughter every day.
  6. If your daughter or granddaughter is unhappy with the way she looks, encourage her to try new styles, whether it’s clothes, makeup or hair. Teens who feel good about themselves usually avoid unhealthy choices.

Take a few moments and read Psalm 139:14-16. The Lord tells us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, and we’ve all been called to do great things. His works are wonderful! Let’s change the lives of our today’s girls together in today’s world.

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