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5 Irresistible Postage Pets

Adopt a Shelter Pet stamps are available now!

Peggy Frezon and her dog

How can buying stamps help pets?

Check out the new United States Postal Service’s Animal Rescue: Adopt a Shelter Pet stamps! These adorable 44 cent stamps feature cats and dogs who were adopted from shelters and are now living in happy, healthy homes.

Not only will these stamps help raise awareness for adopting shelter pets, but the campaign has inspired a pet food company to donate a million meals to shelter pets around the country.

Meet some of the dogs and cats featured on the stamps:

1. Teddy

A wire haired Jack Russell Terrier who was given up when she had puppies.

2. Willow

 A gray Maltese cat who was left in a box at the door of a shelter.

3. Buddy

A golden retriever who was purchased from a pet shop, then given up due to health problems.

4. Peaches

A gray, white and tan shorthaired cat who was born under a porch and had to be trapped to be rescued.

5. Trevor

A yellow Labrador retriever found abandoned at a new home construction site.

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See the rest of the Adopt a Shelter Pet stamps at your local post office, or visit the Stamps to the Rescue site to purchase stamps, or to learn more about pet adoption. I’m off to pick up mine now!

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