6 Incredible Stories of Animal Heroes

These heroic acts are proof of the undeniable bonds between humans and their pets.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them have fur, paws or even hooves. One thing all these creatures have in common? They’ll go above and beyond for their human companions. Whether they’re saving lives, preventing harm or predicting health scares, these animals have proved to be loyal, brave sidekicks. 

Check out these six remarkable four-legged heroes.  

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Golden retriever

1 of 6/ Dog Becomes Family Hero

Pam Sica faced a tough decision: have her 13-year-old golden retriever, Bullet, who had a growth on his liver, operated on or let him go. After turning to God for guidance, she decided to move forward with surgery. Months later, Bullet proved to be an answered prayer when he became the family’s hero

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Christy Gardner and her dog, Moxie

2 of 6/ Service Dog Becomes Veteran Amputee's Hero

Christy Gardner experienced severe injuries while serving in the Army, including a head injury that led to seizures. Doctors told her she could no longer run, swim or live on her own, which led to depression. Then came Moxie, a golden retriever puppy who not only responded to Christy’s seizures, but ultimately saved her life.  

Family petting a rescue dog

3 of 6/ 5 Rescue Dogs Who Rescued Their Owners

These rescue dogs, picked out by their owners, have not only brightened their humans’ lives, but also saved them. They’ve sniffed out breast cancer, saved them from harm and alerted them of danger. Could there be a divine hand working to bring these dogs exactly where they need to be?

Orange and white cat

4 of 6/ Adopted Cat Saves Owner’s Life

When Amy Jung took her son, Ethan, to the shelter to play with animals, she didn’t plan on adopting a cat. But something about 8-year-old Pudding caught her eye. They formed an instant bond and Amy brought him home that same day. Later that night, their connection proved to be stronger than she thought when Pudding became a hero and saved Amy’s life.

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A palomino horse at a farm

5 of 6/ A Gentle Horse Becomes a Hoofed Hero

Mary Wilson and her husband owned two horses—Midnight, who they referred to as “devil horse” and Amber, a gentle six-year-old palomino. While out for a ride, Midnight became violent and threw Mary to the ground. With no one around to save her, Mary prayed to the Lord for help. That’s when Amber stepped in and saved Mary’s life. But how had she escaped the locked stable just in time to save Mary? 

Keelie Burkett and her dog, Darla

6 of 6/ A Dog and a Hopeless Addict Helped Each Other Find New Purpose

During her time in prison, Keelie Burkett, a former addict who struggled with anxiety and depression, joined the ADOPT program in which inmates were paired with sick, aggressive, or shy shelter dogs and trained them until they could be adopted. When Keelie was assigned to Darla, the worst dog in the program, she had no idea the impact she would have on her. The hound mix not only taught Keelie life lessons, but ultimately saved her life

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