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These pet products will make your furry friend taken care of.

I never knew how much I’d miss my dog until she was gone. Casey was a beautiful Golden Labrador Retriever, with patches of white here and there and unforgettable eyes.

She lived a good 13 years, full of antics and games, fun and play. One of the things I’ll remember most was the way she nudged herself right up against me if she wanted to be rubbed, or if she knew I was feeling sad or sick. I still think about how she used to sneak her way up to the front seat of the car, shake uncontrollably during a thunderstorm and roll down our hilly front yard on her back.

Her favorite treat was peanut butter, and when she was a puppy she used to steal my socks and chew on the bottom of our kitchen chairs.

And even though she was a Labrador, she was afraid of water (her baths were quite the spectacle!).

But aside from her fears and unique habits, Casey was a friend. A family member. She was always there. She didn’t care if I yelled or cried or didn’t speak at all. She didn’t care what my hair looked like or what color my nail polish was. She was just there, panting and smiling and giving her full attention to the people she loved.

We always took good care of her, just like I know you pet lovers out there do for your furry friends. That’s why I decided to do an episode for Spirited Products just for them. Check it out!

And don’t forget to read our story from the August issue on how came to be.

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Hemp Cat Collars from The Good Dog Company
What Is It: Made from soft, lightweight Hemp and certified organic cotton, these cat collars are comfy, stylish and good to the environment.

 How to Buy It: Choose from a selection of colors and order online at!

Bumper Beds from Urban Leash & Treat
What Is It: Filled with 100% recycled fiber fill, these bumper beds are comfy and colorful. You can build your own on the site before ordering!

How to Buy It: Build and purchase it online at

Cat Dreams and Dog Dreams from Good Dog Goods
What Is It: An inspirational CD series that will relax your pet and may even help heal sick animals with its motivational melodies.

How to Buy It: Order them online from

Fetch’erz Ballz from NuHemp
What Is It: Healthy treats made of Hemp, grains and flax that promote digestion and provide a rich source of protein.

How to Buy It: Go to to order an array of treats!

“Think Good Thoughts” Pet Bowl from Cafe Press
What Is It: A water or food bowl with an inspirational saying on the front.

How to Buy It: You can find this bowl and other similar styles at

“Pray for Inspiration” Dog T-shirt
What Is It: A shirt to keep your dog stylish and warm with an inspirational saying on the back.

How to Buy It: You can find this shirt and other styles at


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