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Adopt-A-Cat Month: Anne Introduces Lubya and Mimi

Watch to learn how our online managing editor met her kitties.


[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. I’m Anne Simpkinson, Online Managing Editor for 

When I moved to the city a number of years ago, I really wanted to bring cats into my life. And so I visited a friend of mine who is involved in sort of rehab and adoption of cats. 

What she does is, she’s related to a rehab center that collects, like, feral cats or cats that have been abandoned or injured, and this organization– non-profit organization– basically heals them. And then Maryann houses them until they can be adopted. 

And so I went down to her loft and found two kittens waiting for me. And it was absolutely love at first sight. As soon as I saw them, I just knew they were coming home with me. 

So let me introduce you the cats. First I’ll introduce you to Lubya. And he is the big brother. Lubya is completely laid back. He’s very stubborn. And he’s very, very curious. When I was having work done at my apartment, the workmen absolutely loved Lubya, because Lubya thought he was one of them. 

He would report to the room every morning, and he would watch them pull wallpaper off the wall, spackle, paint– whatever it was, Lubya was there and he was watching. 

And even today, if I’m cooking, he will jump up and really carefully watch what I’m doing. And he cocks his head. And it’s almost like he wants to learn how to cook or something. He’s amazing. 

And then his sister, Mimi, is completely different. She’s very delicate. She’s pretty skittish. But she’s also turning into an incredible love bug. It doesn’t matter whether I am sitting on the couch, whether I am sitting at my desk, or eating breakfast. Somehow she manages to wend her way onto my lap and sort of curl up for a nap. 

I have learned how to type with her in my arms, which is no small feat. So if you want companionship, affection, and just a friend, consider getting a cat or two. 


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