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Who Says Cats Are Aloof?

How feline friends and their owners develop strong bonds over the course of time.

Cats have a reputation for being aloof. Yet the longer I live with Lubya and Mimi, the more I think that’s a myth.

Case in point: I’ve been traveling a lot in the last month—a long weekend in Atlanta then home for 10 days; a long Easter weekend in Connecticut, home one day; then seven days in California on business.

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The night I got home and turned in, Mimi jumped up onto the bed. She explored the nightstand then walked around my head, walked over my stomach and began sniffing and kneading the coverlet. She repeated this ritual two more times then, to my utter surprise, she settled in with her paws tucked in my armpits and her head resting on my shoulder—so close I could hear her soft, slightly raspy breathing. Lubya was nesting in a basket at the foot of the bed.

The next night, Mimi went through her ritual only once and then curled up against my thigh just above my right knee; Lubya curled up just below my left knee. As I lay there listening to Lubya purring—he’s got a deep, resonant purr—and feeling their bodies pressed against mine, I thought how lucky I am. I felt needed, wanted and touched by their desire to connect. I realized that these so-called aloof critters needed contact, wanted to be close—real close.

And I’m so happy they did—and do! It outweighs all the times Mimi gets that far away look in her eyes, like she doesn’t know me. And all those times Lubya stubbornly won’t come when called.

Just like with humans, cats and people develop deep bonds over time, and that aloof characteristic, well, it just seems to recede. In fact, you could say they become real pussycats! 😉

                                                        —Anne Simpkinson

P.S. To all you cat lovers out there, tell me: Don’t you find that the longer you live with your cats, the less distant and standoffish they get? 

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