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Drooping Daffodils

When the storms of life settle on your shoulders, do you turn to God?

Drooping daffodil in the snow. Photo by Judy Royal Glenn.

Snow came to Athens last week! As I mentioned in an earlier post, we don’t get snow very often. I was’t sure how long it would last, so I sprinted out the door with my camera. It was so beautiful as it was coming down.

I headed once again to the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. Yes, if you have been following my blog, I practically live there. This time I was in search of daffodils. I knew there weren’t very many flowers yet at the garden, but I knew there were daffodils.

The issue was finding a daffodil that wasn’t bent over from the weight of the ice and snow. I found one and propped it up with a stick, so I could photograph the inside of the flower too.

Finally, I gave in and just decided to photograph them drooped over. It still made for a pretty photographit just gives a different connotation.

The daffodils, like us, don’t have a choice sometimes with the weight that is on us. Life can be hard, and we go through difficult things. We are not promised an easy road. During these times, we need to depend on Jesus and give Him all our needs.

Don’t let the weight of the world get you down when storms come in your life. Look to the One who can calm the storms. Are you depending on Him?

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