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The Blessings of Today

When you long for the past, you miss out on the blessings God is giving you right now.

Shawnelle Eliasen's three sons: Samuel, Gabriel and Isaiah

Do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will take care for itself. Matthew 6:34 NAS

Last night, I had a dream that left me heavy hearted and missing yesterday’s blessings. In the dream, my youngest three boys were much smaller; Samuel was about five and Isaiah and Gabriel were still toddlers. Those were wild times, but the days were ripe-on-the-vine sweet.

When I awoke, I felt the burden of sadness, the wistful longing for days gone by. This nostalgia for the past is a struggle that I fight most days.

I made the morning march from the bed to the coffee pot. My husband Lonny lay sleeping, breathing softly, not yet moving into the rush of his day.

I ground the beans, filled the pot and tank with water, waited for the coffee maker’s morning perk. And I heard something behind me – the gentle shuffle of fresh-from-bed, bare little feet.


He stood bleary-eyed and rumple-headed. His pajama bottoms were a tad too short. His blanket, Mine-Oh-Mine (because it’s the only thing in the world that belongs only to him) was draped over his shoulders like a Superman cape. He’d grown eight-year-old lanky-tall. But standing there, he was so precious. Early-morning tender.

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The blessing of today.

As I walk through life, days and weeks and months rushing by, the Lord is faithful to remind me that He’s told me not to worry about tomorrow. Each day will have enough business of its own.

I still fall prey but now I understand: Longing for yesterday is really a worry for tomorrow.

Will tomorrow be enough?

Will life be as sweet?

While I long and worry and wonder and look back, there are grace-gifts in the moments of the very day I’m living. Reminders of His presence, heart-tokens of His love. Like a little boy in too-short pajamas, or the smile my husband shares when I hand him his coffee mug or later in the day, the gentle joy of carrying the boys’ sun-dried sheets in from the line, or the sweet surprise of my friend dropping by.


I think that when the Lord told us not to worry about tomorrow, He offered encouragement for us to live in peaceful expectancy of the blessing of this day.

The Lord will provide the blessings.  I only need the eyes and the willingness to see.

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