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The Perfect Day Off

See how positive thinking helped executive editor Amy Wong get back her go-with-the-flow attitude.

There are people who are planners. Über-organized types like our online editor Megan, who schedules everything on our homepage and makes sure you have uplifting stories and inspiring videos to look at every day (the number of crossed-off items on her to-do list leaves me awestruck). Or my old college friend Leslie, who had her summer internships lined up when there was still snow on the ground and one New Year declared that her resolution was “to plan to be more spontaneous.”

Then there are those of us go-with-the-flow types who have somewhat negative thoughts about sticking to a schedule. Hey, we like the adrenaline rush of getting something done at the last minute! (Of course, we also end up paying a fortune in overnight shipping fees because we order Christmas gifts on December 24.) My idea of the perfect Saturday is to wake up, check the local forecast, then weather permitting, wander around the city with my dog, doing whatever strikes me.

Once in a while I do plan my days off. Like today. I had a 10 a.m. dentist appointment scheduled and since my dentist’s office is uptown, where I rarely venture, I made a list of things to do in his neighborhood. Then his assistant called late yesterday to say sorry but they had to reschedule.

No problem, I’d just go with the flow, right? Not. I went to all the trouble of planning my day around that appointment! (Sheesh, you’d think my going against my nature would be rewarded…) And I’d already put in for the day off. Now what?

I went to bed still stewing. But I got up this morning and thought, So my plans got derailed. Why not have a more positive attitude about it? After all, I’ve got a whole day ahead of me with no obligations, except to write my blog. I just checked the weather. It’s sunny and going to hit the 60’s. Perfect for a leisurely trip to the dog run with Winky. Maybe I’ll check out the new Trader Joe’s later.

An unexpected free day. What a gift! And I even got a blog post out of it.

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