When you’re positively focused on the moment, you might get the sense that there’s more time to meet your own needs.

Preparing food can have physical, psychological and social benefits.

When the topic is an older parent’s care, it’s important to plan ahead for a focused and clear-headed discussion.

Spring weather increases the risk of this behavior but you can help prevent it by taking safety measures.

The founder of a community for women balancing eldercare, kids and career says you have to find your ‘sweet spot.’

Small shifts in the foods you prepare, the table setting and the environment can have a big impact.

Once you recognize the signs, you can take steps to help protect the older adults in your life.

Dementia had taken away so much from her mother and her family. But at the Christmas Eve service, she realized their faith would see them through.

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If you’re overwhelmed by all you have to do, it may help to put some key things in order.

Before the daily demands of caregiving exact a toll on your well-being, consider these techniques to regroup and unwind.

Check out these 8 tips—from a licensed clinical social worker—on how to overcome this common, self-defeating mindset.

Once you acknowledge and accept your feelings, you can learn to channel them in positive ways.

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