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Getting Back On the Track

How to get back into exercising after the holidays.

For over four weeks I have been suffering from a severe pain in the right side of my back which slowly progressed around to the front. 

Initially diagnosed as being a pulled muscle or a pinched nerve, I finally received the proper diagnosis—shingles. The severe pain that it has caused has left me unable to exercise at the levels in which I was accustomed to doing. 

I have been limited to walking and occasionally running. I have not felt well enough to do much and have not kept up with my calorie counting either. 

In addition to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday foods which I have eaten, my weight has suffered a small six-pound gain.

With the medications I have been taking I am slowly beginning to feel a little better. Although I am frustrated at my weight increase, I know what I must do, and I am determined that I will lose the pounds which I have gained. 

It reminds me of what Julie once told me, “This is a lifestyle, and you must remember that life happens.” She had continued to tell me that things are going to happen in our lives that might interfere with our new lifestyle, but we have to make adjustments and get back on track as soon as it is possible. 

I was reminded of this once before when my husband and I went on our anniversary cruise. I stayed on track as best I could while on the trip, and went right back to my healthy regimen when we got back home.

My lack of not writing down my calorie intake versus calories burned played a crucial role in my weight gain, I believe. Even though I was not feeling up to the same vigorous exercises I still could have kept my weight under better control if I had continued to write down my calories. I realized this when I began to write them down again this week.

Thinking I had done pretty good considering I had exercised for two hours and my calorie intake was obviously much less than it had been over the past few weeks, I quickly realized that I was incorrect in my thinking. In fact, I had consumed 530 more calories than I had burned.

Seven days of doing this and I would have exceeded the 3500 calories which it takes to gain a pound. No wonder I gained six pounds over the past few weeks.  

Maybe you have also put on a few pounds over the holidays. Just remember its okay for you to splurge a little on those special occasions; just don’t make it a daily occurrence. 

You know what it takes to get the pounds off—hold yourself accountable by writing down your calories, eating a healthy diet, and exercising at least five days per week. Make small achievable goals and keep your eyes on the finish line. 

Join me and let’s get back on the track! 

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