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5 Cheap Ways to Entertain Your Kids on Spring Break

Make a week out of school more than just watching TV with these fun ideas for bonding with your kids.

father playing with son at home on spring break

Spring break is here! In these tough financial times, you may not be able to send your kids to a camp or go away on vacation. But spring break on a budget doesn’t mean your kids have to be parked on the couch in front of the TV all week. With a little creativity, your staycation with the kids can be a whole lot of fun for the entire family. Try these ideas to keep your kids entertained without breaking the bank.

1) Swipe Your Library Card Instead of Your Credit Card

Your local library is a treasure trove. Beyond convincing your kids now is a great time to read the entire The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe series, you can also check out DVDs and take advantage of free events and activities. You could even choose a book to read together as a family and plan a night to watch the movie version of the book. Don’t stop at the library, see what other places around town – like museums and nature preserves – might be having free events during that week.

2) March Madness: Board Game Style

Dust off all your family board games (and find all the missing pieces) and set up your own board game tournament. Create a large bracket and post it where everyone can see it. Be sure to choose a variety of games that are fun for all-ages. Don’t feel limited to board games. Get creative with challenges, see who can put together a puzzle the fastest or who can hula hoop the longest; set up a (safe!) obstacle course in your house or backyard and have fun playing the week away.

3) Take a Hike

Explore a new trail or venture out to a new park. Even if you can’t leave the state for spring break, you can benefit from switching up your routine. A fresh experience promotes family bonding time. Take lots of pictures to look back on and enjoy later. Spring break is also the perfect opportunity to let the kids stay up late and take a night trip out of the city to see the stars.

4) Put on a Play

Putting on a family play is the perfect week long project. Older kids and younger kids can work together to write a script. Then, raid the closets and hit up a thrift store to pull together the perfect costumes. Draw up invites or make flyers to invite friends, family, and neighbors over to watch the play. Discretely ask guests to email you their reviews after the play and use the positive feedback to give your kids’ self-esteem a boost.

5) Use Your Taste buds to Travel

You might not have the funds to take your kids to an exotic locale for spring break, but you might be able to expand your grocery budget to give them a taste of the world. Help your children research different places around the world. Then, choose a few dishes from that country to cook together over the holiday. You can make it extra fun by playing music from that country while you cook.

Remember, the most important part of spring break is getting to spend extra time together as a family. Make memories together, not debt! 

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