9 Tips for Navigating This Holiday Season

A little prayer, positivity and self-care can go a long way in creating some Christmas cheer.

The holidays this year may feel and look a little different; less family hosting, travel and cooking, with added stress and worries, as we make our way through a global pandemic. But there are still ways to remain positive, hopeful and celebrate the joys that make this season special.  

Here are nine things to help you thrive and enjoy the holidays. 

Young woman praying by the Christmas tree

1 of 9/ Pray

Prayer puts us in the right spirit with feelings of hope and comfort during difficult times. Not only does it change our perspective, but it brings us closer to God as we thank Him for the gift of Christ. Here’s a prayer to stay in the holiday spirit this advent season.

Virtual holiday gathering

2 of 9/ Stay Virtually Connected

Many people are experiencing the holiday blues this year as they endure lockdown loneliness during a time that has previously consisted of reunions and celebrations. Virtual gatherings can help you spend time with your friends and family from afar. Being present and connected can be beneficial for all parties involved.

Woman writing in her planner

3 of 9/ Adjust Your Routine

If you find yourself overwhelmed—with responsibilities and worries—maybe it’s time to manage daily tasks differently. With modified traditions this year, you can make changes in your holiday routine and simplify the way you plan your intimate celebrations.

Mother and daughter bakng holiday cookies

4 of 9/ Spend Time in the Kitchen

Cooking and baking can be a helpful way to cope with the anxiety brought on by these difficult times. It can also offer families the chance to spend quality time together while creating new traditions this holiday season. Invite those in your household to help you prepare chef Ina Garten’s favorite holiday comfort dishes



Cozy woman smiling by the Christmas tree

5 of 9/ Stay Positive

The pandemic has brought on many negative feelings and emotions and this holiday season may be no different. Set an uplifting tone by focusing on what brings you happiness. Overcome negative feelings by replacing them with positive thoughts. Here are three ways to set a positive intention for the holiday season.

Couple eating popcorn and watching a movie

6 of 9/ Unwind with a Movie

If you’re looking for ways to unwind in times of stress, try watching uplifting movies. One tradition that isn’t changing this year is the much-anticipated release of Hallmark’s Christmas films. Sit back, get cozy and enjoy these ten exciting holiday movies

Man reflecting outdoors

7 of 9/ Take Care of Your Mind and Body

As many of us struggle to feel grounded during these unprecedented times, it’s important to find ways to reconnect with the here and now instead of worrying about the future. Here are three simple ways to ground your body and calm your mind.

Cozy woman sitting on a bend

8 of 9/ Stay Calm

The holidays—especially during a pandemic—can be a lot to handle. Remember to take a step back and relax. Avoid stress or anxiety by following these three ways to slow down during the holidays.

Man surrounded by snow while praising

9 of 9/ Count Your Blessings

Although this year has been tough for many people, there is still so much to be grateful for. Remember to count your blessings this holiday season, make the most of your current situation and reflect on all the good God has provided. 

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