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Love’s Redeeming Power

We do not have to agree with others, but we must find a way to love them.

The redeeming power of love and acceptance.

In times of religious, cultural and political polarization, love redeems our relationships with people who have opposing views. We do not have to agree with others, but we must find a way to love them. It’s the message of the Gospel.

Love is humanity’s most potent weapon for personal and social transformation. It builds bridges instead of tearing them down and conquers all evil. When we love, we spread peace, compassion, acceptance and mercy to people from all walks of life.

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The Gospel’s message is about a God who loved us all so much that He made a way to reach us when we were spiritually downcast. By His grace, he redeemed us with the ultimate, loving sacrifice. On the cross, Christ gave his life to free us from sin and reconnect us with our Heavenly Father so that we would have eternal security and experience abundant life in him.

Too often we label people based on their beliefs, gender and race. But no human is different than the rest. Love, the redeeming power, is for all of God’s children. And as people of faith, we can build bridges and extend our love across societal barriers through our actions, words and engagement.

How can we love others who are different from us? Please share.

Lord, show us the path to love, and teach us how to spread your redeeming love to every human being that we encounter in the journey of life.

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