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3 Notable Wives of the Bible

Delve into the amazing stories and lessons of these women of the Bible.

Notable Wives of the Bible

Content Provided by B&H Publishing Group, excerpted from The Study Bible for Women.

1. The Wife of Ezekiel: A Beloved Wife

Her Background
Her identity is unknown (Ezekiel 24:15-27).

Her Story
• She died as a sign to God’s people, illustrating the grief they would experience upon the future destruction of Jerusalem (24:15-27).
• Ezekiel was commanded not to mourn outwardly (24:17).
• She was loved by her husband (24:15).
• No one mourned her death (24:17-18).

Life Lessons
• The prophets were often required to deliver very difficult messages, sometimes sacrificing their own well-being.
• By establishing the parallel between Ezekiel’s unexpressed bereavement and the people’s imminent sorrows, God implicitly affirmed the depth of affection He intends for a husband to have for his wife.

2. Zipporah: A Wife with Attitude

Her Background
• One of seven daughters of Jethro, who lived in Midian (Exodus 2:15-16)
• The wife of Moses (2:21)
• The mother of Gershom and Eliezer (2:22; 4:20; 18:2-4)

Her Story
• She and her sisters, when threatened at their father’s well, were defended by Moses (2:16-17).
• She was given to Moses in marriage (2:21).
• She circumcised her own son (4:25-26).
• She returned to her father with her sons while Moses was in Egypt (18:2).

Life Lessons
• Zipporah feared the Lord enough to obey Him even when her husband apparently failed to take seriously God’s command (4:24-26).
• Perceiving the danger to Moses’ life, she determined to put him and her sons before her own interests and risked all to save her husband

3. Jehoshabeath: A Courageous Wife

Her Background
• The sister of King Ahaziah (2 Chronicles  22:11)
• The daughter of King Jehoram and Athaliah (22:11; 2 Kings 11:2)
• The wife of Jehoiada the priest (2 Chronicles 22:11)

Her Story
• She rescued Joash from being murdered by his grandmother (22:11).
• She hid Joash for six years (22:12).

Life Lessons
• Jehoshabeath’s courage protected the Davidic line of rulers, through whom the Messiah would come.
• One never knows the extent of blessing and influence that will come through simple obedience to the Lord.

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