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Easter litles

Contributing Editor Rick Hamlin shares Scripture to help you savor the profound joy of Easter

A personal take on some of the best guides to Scripture and prayer.

If you feel stuck in a prayer rut, these seven statements from the Bible can help.

These Bible passages will steer us toward the wonders of gratitude.

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The author of Guideposts’ popular 60 Days of Prayer highlights the benefits of spending time with God through devotions and prayer.

Using the Lord’s Prayer as a template, these words of affirmation, praise and forgiveness make a good plan for daily devotions.

When it comes to soothing the unrest in ourselves and in our world, here are seven examples from Scripture that you can pray.

A new year can be about goals and resolutions, but it can also be about something much, much bigger.

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The Guideposts Editor-in-Chief initially struggled with parts of the well-known prayer at his Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Four keys to letting go of distractions and turning your full attention to God.

When it comes to wondering how God receives your prayers, turn to The Revelation.

Author Matthew Sleeth shares some of the truths and wisdom trees provide through Scripture.

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Set to enchanting music, the Lord’s Prayer video will help you find peace and strength in the prayer Jesus taught us.

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