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Pray the Psalms: Psalm 8

Rick shares some tips on how to pray Psalm 8


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For this one, Psalm 8, I think you should just go outside, read it and then go outside, in the daytime or at night and look up at the sky. Look at all the stars in the sky, the moon. In the daytime the sun, the clouds. Look at God’s creation. This is a psalm just glories in how wonderful it is. Listen to this:

When I consider thy heavens

The work of thy fingers

The moon and the stars, which thou has ordained

What is man?

That thou art mindful of him

For thou has made him a little lower than the angels

Wow, “Thou has made him a little lower than the angels.” Have you ever seen a sunset that was so wonderful you wish you could clap. Well, maybe you did. Well, this is the psalm that is a big loud clap for the universe, it’s wonderful.

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