A Minute with Rick: How to Pray with a Christmas Carol

Executive Editor Rick Hamlin shares how singing a Christmas carol can be like praying


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Hi, it’s Rick Hamlin, talking about prayer.

This time of year music is a wonderful help in prayer. You know, everywhere you go, there are Christmas carols barraging you with music. You’re shopping, and you hear the sound: [sings] Hark! The herald angels sing…Joy to the world…Silent night.

There they all are. Pray them! Just use them in prayer. You’re frustrated; you can’t find just the perfect item for Christmas. Well, use the music to help you pray.

We often forget that the Psalms—they’re all music! They were not just words; they were meant to be sung. So sing your prayers; sing them inside of your head. Make a joyful noise. Not a perfect noise—it didn’t say you had to sound gorgeous. Just make that joyful noise and you can pray with the music.

[Sings] Silent night…Joy to the world…Hark! The herald angels sing...and there you are, praying.

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