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Pray the Psalms: Psalm 21

Guideposts Executive Editor Rick Hamlin shares how to pray Psalm 21. 


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[MUSIC PLAYING] Psalm 21– you can see right here out of the– my shoulder. There’s one of those big buildings in New York. That’s what I see from my office window. 

And I watch those things being built. It’s amazing. They look so powerful, like they last forever. But you know what? 2,000 years from now, will they still be around? Probably not. 

So when I read the psalms and I find some verses that seem so violent, and I wonder why they should be part of my prayer life, I’m reminded I need to make God big. 

God knows violence. God knows anger. God knows those buildings won’t last forever. So go ahead and take the anger that I feel sometimes– put it in my prayer life. 

Listen to these words. “You will make them like a blazing furnace when you appear. The Lord will swallow them up in His anger. And fire will devour them.” 

“Fire will devour them.” Wow. Take that into your meditation life. Those big buildings, as magnificent as they are– they’re only here for a little while. The Lord is much bigger than that. 


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